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Slumlord by Neon Indian

Alan Palomo, aka chillwave’s synth lord Neon Indian, announced the release of his new album VEGA INTL. Night School after four years of going on hiatus. The new album, set for release on October 16th under Mom and Pop/Transgressive, was recorded and mixed in various studios all over the world.

Part of his announcement was also the release of a new single from this full-length album, Slumlord. Neon Indian has been known for this unique dazed electro disco-dance vibe that I myself first found confusing, but eventually got addicted to. This signature sound established Palomo as one of the founding fathers of the chillwave genre.

Unlike his previous songs, Slumlord sounds more organized, sleek, and well-polished making it very approachable and easy to listen to especially for the late-adopters and new listeners of the genre. The overall vibe of the song makes you feel like you’re in the 80s because of its heavily influenced old-school new wave sound, but eventually fast forwarding you to the future through the innovative and perfect blend of synths, bass, and drums that has been the trend in almost all songs these days.

If Slumlord, along with the earlier released single Annie, captures the overall vibe and sound of Neon Indian’s new record, I would highly recommend VEGA INTL Night School to be in your top albums of 2015.