Minimix 16 – Summersun

Long weekend always means time to work on stuff I don’t get to normally do on a weekday. Aside from reading, mixing has been one of my stress-relievers – it’s a good avenue to be both creative and calculative. I’m glad I found have this outlet, especially now that school is over and I have all this energy to spare.

To help add more variety to my mixes, I’ve been researching those songs that were normally played in noontime variety shows back when I was in grade school – those songs that are ridiculously LSS-worthy to the point that it’s actually annoying. So far, I’ve found a handful and have used it here in this latest mix, particularly track #4. I’m pretty sure you know this song once you hear its repetitive hook. To be honest, if this song was released this day, it would definitely be part of my “On Repeat” playlist.

Anyway, here’s the tracklist:

  1. Fouk: Coconuts
  2. Panama: Always (Classixx Remix)
  3. Unknown Artist: You Got the Funk
  4. The Bucketheads: The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
  5. Chesus: Special (HNNY Edit)

Minimix 08 – Saturdaze

It’s been a decade since I last picked up an instrument. I used to play the piano and guitar back when I was a teen. Unfortunately, I had to ~adult~ and focus on income-generating activities to keep myself alive. I miss that aspect of my life, and if I was given the chance to re-live those moments, I’d definitely go back to those years.

It’s nice that technology has given us so many accessible avenues to exercise our creative desires. One amazing invention would be these mixing softwares. I get to apply the theoretical things I learned back when I still played actual instruments. Although it’s not as flashy and sophisticated, I’m glad I’m able apply the skills I used to obsess about.

Anyway, here’s another mix to reminisce my musician days. This features:

  1. Kaytranada: You’re the One (feat. Syd)
  2. Honne: Warm on a Cold Night (Embody Remix)
  3. Fare Soldi: Survivor (Keenhouse Remix)
  4. CLASSIXX: Holding On
  5. Grum: Can’t Shake This Feeling

Santorini Dreams

There ain’t no way to rush this if we’re doing it right.