Household Insecticides

When I was with Reckitt Benckiser, I also handled the Household Insecticide brand Mortein (known in other countries as Shieldtox). My task was mainly to strengthen the foothold of the brand in the insecticide category by further differentiating it from its competitors. Unlike the other players which uses petroleum as its main active, Mortein’s has a unique fusion natural ingredients and other potent insecticidal actives that makes it safer and 2x more effective versus the leading brand

Citronella KV - 2014.10.21To support the business objective of strengthening the brand’s footprint in the category, I launched Mortein Multi-Insect Killer with Citronella Oil.

This product is powered by Citronella Oil, nature’s insect repellant. It masks odors that pests find attractive. It is proven to kill more dengue mosquitoes 2x faster than the leading brand while still being highly effective against flies and cockroaches. You can actually use it with confidence around your family and pets – no need to make them leave the room whenever you’re fumigating.