Above-the-Line (ATL) campaigns may probably be one of the most exciting aspects of being a brand manager. You get to closely work with your creative agency in the development of a commercial, be on the set of your shoot and witness what exactly happens behind the scenes of such projects, and sometimes, even meet celebrities and become chums with them.

To an outsider, all these may seem glamorous. But if you are an insider, it sometimes becomes the complete opposite as you have to go through a needle’s eye before you get to witness the fruits of your hard work. It is both tedious and expensive. It takes weeks, sometimes even months, of no sleep as all stakeholders are challenged to create the clearest, most effective message about your product in a span of only 30/15 seconds. It is also a huge investment on the part of your employer as you have to spend on production, talent fees, and spot placements on television for you to be able to watch your commercial on TV.

This is the main challenge for both marketers and agencies – deliver the most effective, most appealing benefit about your brand in such a short span of time in the hopes of translating this knowledge to actual revenue. It is a huge, huge risk — it’s no surprise that not all products you see in the market aren’t advertising their products on TV.

So to cut that long intro short, yes, I’ve worked with a handful of ATL campaigns throughout my 6-year stint as a brand manager. Some of which are listed below, starting with the latest project I’ve worked on.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray – 101 Uses (2016)


Launched an educational campaign for Lysol Disinfectant Spray to communicate the versatility of the product, with the aim to increase usage occasions.

Veet Hair Removal Cream – Anti-Razor (2015)



Razors are for men. Veet, for girls.

Launched an Anti-Razor campaign for Veet Philippines to educate Filipinas on the benefits of using depilatory creams vs. razors. This featured one of Malaysia’s up and coming young actresses, Izara Aishah Hisham.

Lysol Liquid Hand Soap – 10,000 Germs (2014)


An awareness/education campaign to differentiate washing of hands using liquid soaps vs. bar soaps. This campaign’s communication revolved around the idea that in a day, people can come in contact with more than 10,000 types of germs, most of which can actually be resolved by Lysol Hand Soap.

Mortein Multi-Insect Killer with Citronella Oil – Best Moms (2014)


Launch campaign for Mortein’s new product – Mortein Multi-Insect Killer with Citronella Oil. Objective for this project is to create awareness about the said product, highlighting as well its advantage over other home insecticide in the market.

Lysol Liquid Hand Soap – Liquid Soap vs. Bar Soap (2015)


Launch copy of Lysol Hand Soap in the Philippines. Aside from announcing its launch in the Philippine market, it also communicates the advantage of washing ones hands with liquid vs. bar soaps. This aims to convert the bar soap users to liquid soap in the hopes of building the underdeveloped liquid soap market in the country.