3rd Most Viewed Writer

I never thought this would happen, but in a span of only ~3 days, I’ve become the 3rd most viewed writer on Quora about Independent Music!!!!!


Apologies if I’m e-screaming like a child here, but I still cannot believe it! My boyfriend just told me to check it out because it’d be great way for me to learn more and share my knowledge on the topics I’m passionate about. True enough, it has helped me big time. I get to interact with people who share the same thirst for music and marketing  as me. While at the same time, it is also good way to validate if my knowledge about these stuff actually make sense and good enough to serve as tips/tricks for people who know little about my field.

This is just a start for me. My next step would be more on networking. I hope this will enable me to finally realize my dream of teaching and helping indie musicians become more business-minded on their own. Crossing my fingers (and toes, even)!