Marketing and branding has always been one of my passions. It started when I was in high school when I got curious with who exactly creates all the commercials, print ads, and even the products I see in the market. I did some research on that specific career, and apparently, all those things are done by a brand manager.

When I got into uni, I enrolled in all classes directly related to that career option. I took up brand management, market research, advertising management, to name some. I instantly felt that this was something I can do all my life as it had the perfect balance of analytical, creative, and strategic thinking as I feel these were all my strong suits.

True enough, I enjoy and love every single day of being a brand marketer up until now. I love talking to people, knowing exactly their behaviors and motivations, and thinking of products that they never knew could exist and help them in their everyday lives. I love working with creative agencies to come up with relatable and well-loved campaigns that people will forever remember. I love coming up with events for the public, and seeing them enjoy in the activities my team and I have worked real hard on. I love launching campaigns online and seeing for myself how people will react and engage with such materials, in the hopes of making it go viral.

I’ve been in the industry for almost 6 years now. My experience has mostly revolved on the consumer goods industry, ranging from personal care, pharmaceuticals, home care, and even direct selling/networking. You can check out some of the campaigns and projects I have worked on in the links below:

I can do this all my life, to be honest. In fact, I want to do this even during my free time so that I will always be updated with the latest trends, be in touch with people in general, and exercising my creativity in ways that will hopefully resonate to the a larger audience.

If you’re keen on letting me build your brand, feel free to contact me here. Let’s work things out. 🙂