Germ Protection

The products I launched in this category were mostly during my stint in Reckitt Benckiser, handling the Lysol brand. The vision for Lysol was to build it as a megabrand by expanding its portfolio to categories that are both aligned and relevant to its germ disinfection benefit. To realize this, I was tasked to build the personal care portfolio by launching new products will soften its strong equity in home disinfection. Here are the extensions I launched for this brand:

Lysol Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap

TFA LHW KV 2013his product was the point-of-market entry SKU for Lysol to penetrate the personal care category. The hands, being the first point of contact for germs, is the most used body part when it comes to whatever activity a person is engaged in. It is just necessary that it will also be protected from germs. Lysol Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap is clinically proven to kill the most hardcore germs, including those that cause cold, flu, and even A(H1N1).








Lysol Germ-Protection Hand Wipes

Lysol Wipes KV MRTSimilar to the objective of launching the Lysol Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap, the Lysol Germ-Protection Hand Wipes was launched to strengthen Lysol’s equity in personal care by building the Hand Hygiene category. Aligned with the essence of the Lysol brand, it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, protecting you from all types of sickness whenever, wherever.