Kaytranada – 99.9%

Kaytranada has been one of the main staples of my iPod. I have been a fan since his remix of Janet Jackson’s If. Other than that, I have always anticipated his numerous Boiler Room sets to check what he has been up to so I can download and include his new stuff in my playlists.

He launched his album 99.9% just a few days ago, and I strongly believe it’s actually one of the best dance releases for the month. The perfect blend of house, hip hop, R&B, soul, funk, and electro in his songs just makes his album very easy to like and listen to. His collaboration with diverse musicians like Vic Mensa, AlunaGeorge, Craig David, Badbadnotgood, Little Dragon, and Anderson .Paak (my breakout artist for 2016) just shows what he’s capable of doing. He can be both diverse and approachable at the same time, synthesizing so many  genres in one album without alienating current and new listeners.

Personally, the ultimate standout would be You’re the One feat. The Internet’s Syd. The song is just plain sexy and sultry, it’s something you’d want to dance to on a lazy Sunday morning in your pajamas.

99.9% is is a electro-discotheque masterpiece – it’s something anyone would totally listen to anytime of the day. I’d recommend buying his album as all tracks will definitely end up in any classic dance playlists this year. I’m giving this album 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

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Outblack – How Hard It Is (feat. Lenparrot)

A friend recommended me to check this song out as it is a side project of one the artists I’ve been a fan of for so long. I won’t disclose who that artist is as I don’t want to ignite initial biases on his first release. To be honest, I cannot help but compare it from his original works. But I tried my best to be objective in terms of giving feedback so that it’d be useful when it comes to future releases.

Putting on my neutral hat now, I believe this is a promising track as it perfectly resembles the overall vibe of one of my favorite albums of all time – College’s Northern Council. It has that dark electowave sound that completely stands out from the clutter of party-wave sounds that every one has been always used to. Moreover, one will instantly notice that it is well thought of – the sequence of sounds has a cadence structure and feel to it, starting from the bells, to the synth claps, and then triad chords played just before the chorus. I just felt the build up that the artist was trying to achieve fell short. Personally, the climax was not that impactful as it was only merely limited to the chorus and towards the end of the song already. I was expecting something more than that – probably a bridge, a climb or something to that effect.

Again, I still feel there is so much potential on this song.  It just needs a little more tweaking, but ultimately, I’m already a fan. Cannot wait to hear more of his stuff.

Snakehips feat. Malika – Falling

And the guys have done it again. Just a few weeks after releasing my summer fave Money On Me featuring Anderson .Paak, Snakehips came up with yet another gem of a track featuring Malika, entitled “Falling”. This is included in the 4-track EP they launched last April 15th named after the Tinashe and Chance the Rapper song, All My Friends.

What I love most about this song is that they definitely went old school R&B/Hip Hop by making use of jazzy horn hooks in the background. Malika made it even more brilliant – sexily and soulfully belting out lyrics focusing on the joys of finding new love. Despite going back to basics, Snakehips still made sure they put in their signature electro-hop flavor by properly placing groovy bass lines all throughout the song.

You can order Snakehips’ EP here, catch them in their other shows (aside from Coachella) by following them on Songkick. Or just be updated with all new related to the duo by liking their Facebook page.

Lenno – Good Thing (EP)

I’ve been waiting for this release since I first heard one of his singles “Fever” (which, btw, I reviewed here last year). And I must say, this 15-minute long EP is worth putting on loop all day. Lenno has this knack of using classic nu-wave/discotheque beats, bass lines, and synths you’d normally hear from classic 80s and 90s tracks. For someone who’s only in his early 20s, he’s making songs that our parents can tolerate listening to.

All tracks are standouts, it’s so hard to choose just one. The whole vibe of his album is everything I’m looking for in an electropop/synthpop song. You’d find yourself including his songs in your springtime/summertime beachparty playlists.

For more of Lenno, check out his Soundcloud, like his Facebook page, and follow him on Songkick to get updates on where he’ll be playing live next.

Shura – Touch (Four Tet Remix)

The OG version of Shura’s Touch was already beautiful in itself, but Four Tet made it even more jaw-dropping in his latest remix. The vibe is the perfect song to play on a lazy summer afternoon just hanging out by the pool with your friends. The impeccable mixing of the airy synths and chunky bass lines made it a sparkling discotheque track that’ll be a staple in your house party playlists.

Lenno – Fever (feat. Benson)

If you’re a sucker for electropop and nu-disco, you definitely shouldn’t miss this single from Finnish producer Lenno. It is safe to say that Fever’s got all the elements to make this a surefire hit – smooth and infectious vocals from British singer Benson, groovy basslines that may remind you of Touch Sensitive’s style, and the synths, hooks, and fades properly placed throughout the song to make it one of the catchiest releases this month.

Have a listen to this feel-good masterpiece – I wouldn’t be surprised if you catch yourself putting this song on loop the whole day.

Commandeur’s “With Me”

Panama’s Tim Commandeur has recently launched his solo side-project under the name Commandeur, which is obviously his last name. Who would’ve have thought this percussionist was able to pull off a solid act with just his synths and drum kits?

Commandeur released his second track “With Me” a few days ago, and like his first single, it is just as beautiful and enchanting – picture a fairy just floating away in a mesmerizing forest, amazed at the beauty of her surroundings. The perfect blend of the male-female vocals also makes it sound very warm and romantic it makes you want to sing it to your special someone’s ear while all snuggled up under the covers.

The track was impeccably made. Commandeur was able to inject the accent sounds at the right time to make it more impactful. Each sample was carefully integrated in the song to make it sound like an airy, dreamy track made in synth-heaven. Who would have thought Commandeur came up with this gem of a track in just his home studio in Sydney?

I seriously cannot wait for his other releases. This guy sure has a bright and promising future ahead of him.