Commandeur’s “With Me”

Panama’s Tim Commandeur has recently launched his solo side-project under the name Commandeur, which is obviously his last name. Who would’ve have thought this percussionist was able to pull off a solid act with just his synths and drum kits?

Commandeur released his second track “With Me” a few days ago, and like his first single, it is just as beautiful and enchanting – picture a fairy just floating away in a mesmerizing forest, amazed at the beauty of her surroundings. The perfect blend of the male-female vocals also makes it sound very warm and romantic it makes you want to sing it to your special someone’s ear while all snuggled up under the covers.

The track was impeccably made. Commandeur was able to inject the accent sounds at the right time to make it more impactful. Each sample was carefully integrated in the song to make it sound like an airy, dreamy track made in synth-heaven. Who would have thought Commandeur came up with this gem of a track in just his home studio in Sydney?

I seriously cannot wait for his other releases. This guy sure has a bright and promising future ahead of him.

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Fatima Espineda

A brand manager by day, a business student by night, and a music lover forever and ever. My day job fuels my passion for business, marketing, and advertising. As a bonus, it also pays for my insatiable thirst to discover and experience good music. As corny and cliché as it may sound, I believe music is the ultimate escape from reality. In my case, it's my way of keeping my creative juices flowing. It fuels my imagination, gives colour to my life, and keeps me in touch with my emotions -- all of which, I believe, are important for me to become a better marketer. This will be my own online space where I will share the things I care about -- brands and bands.

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