Outblack – How Hard It Is (feat. Lenparrot)

A friend recommended me to check this song outĀ as it is a side project of one the artists I’ve been a fan of for so long.Ā I won’t disclose who that artist is asĀ I don’t want toĀ ignite initial biases on his first release.Ā To be honest, I cannot help but compare it from his original works. But I tried my best toĀ be objective in terms of giving feedback so that it’d be useful when it comes to futureĀ releases.

Putting on my neutral hat now, I believe this isĀ aĀ promisingĀ track as it perfectly resembles the overall vibe of one of my favorite albums of all time – College’s Northern Council. It has that dark electowave sound that completely stands out from the clutter of party-wave sounds thatĀ every one has been always used to.Ā Moreover,Ā oneĀ will instantly notice that it is well thought of – the sequence of sounds has a cadence structure and feel to it, starting from the bells, to the synth claps, and then triadĀ chords played just before the chorus. I just felt the build up that the artist was trying to achieveĀ fell short. Personally, the climax was not that impactful as it was only merely limited to the chorus and towards the end of the song already. I was expecting something more than that – probably a bridge, a climb or something to that effect.

Again, IĀ still feel there is so much potential on this song. Ā It just needs a little more tweaking, but ultimately, I’m already a fan. Cannot wait to hear more of his stuff.