Linadrena – According To You

I came across this track by Linadrena on Twitter when one of my followers recommended me to listen to it. I have to admit, this genre wasn’t my normal go-to music whenever I review songs. But I had to give it a try because clearly, I had to be open to other genres if I want to legitimately call myself a music writer/blogger.

When I first listened to it, it automatically struck me as too avante-garde for my taste. I’ve always been used to the cheery, dancey, electropop sound. It was the opposite of what I normally listen to – melancholic, dark. I had to listen to it quite a few time for me to better understand what it’s all about.

A deeper and more in-depth listening to the song made me realize that it’s very well thought of and beautifully made. I liked the way the song was structured  – the layering of all the piano arpeggios, guitar riffs, drum and basslines, the synths, and the eclectic and unique singing was so one-of-a-kind it’s actually hard to compare it to any other song I’ve encountered. This song is actually something I’d listen to during those times when I just want to be left alone with my thoughts on a rainy Sunday night.

If you’re a fan of Woodkid, I’m sure you’re going to like Linadrena’s music. Check out his latest single All Your Dreams as well as his other stuff here.