Daily Declutter: Sharing is Caring

Coming from a super hectic week, I only found the time today to clean up and inventory the stuff I’ll be giving out from my last declutter session.  Originally, I was supposed to put them up for sale using a some sort of “name-your-price” scheme, but I realized this was not aligned with my values.

As much as I want to earn extra income from my stuff, I realized I want to share the things I used to find valuable before to people who would find them valuable today. After all, the feeling I’d get from sharing my stuff to people who would appreciate them means more to me than profiting from it. I know I sound so preachy, but whatever. This is what makes me happy, so I hope you’ll be happy for me. 🙂

Anyway, here are the stuff I’m sharing to all of you. I’m putting this up for grabs to my Facebook friends. I’ll upload an album on Facebook and those who comment first will get first dibs on the item.



(L-R) Marley and Me, The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday, The Birth of Venus, Never Mind the Bollocks: Women Rewrite Rock, Way Past Cool, My Sister’s Keeper


(L-R) Cross, Secrets of Angels and Demons, I’ll Be Seeing You, Fruitcake, Rant, Until You


100% Official Justin Bieber – First Step 2 Forever: My Story


IMG_6917(L-R) Crash by Dave Matthews Band, Pulp Freakshow by Various Artists, Mantra by Agaw Agimat, Elemental Chill Vol.3 by Various Artists, Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday, Morning View by Incubus, Five Stories Falling by Thursday, A Crow Left of the Murder by Incubus, Scarlett Walk by Tori Amos

IMG_6920(L-R) Full Collapse by Thursday, Techy Romantics by Techy Romantics, Guilt Show by The Starting Line, Tugish Takish by Pedicab, 4th Degree Burn by Slapshock, Marquee Moon by Television, Grace and Dragging Her Wings by Don’t Forget Clementine, Suwerte by Narda, Kitsilano by The Roman Foot Soldiers


There you go. I’m giving these all away. Will arrange a meetup, and I will use this as an opportunity to catch up with you over coffee. 🙂