Qs on Marketing

Why did you become a marketer?

When I was in high school, I got curious with who exactly creates all the commercials, print ads, and even the products I see in the market. I did some research on that specific career, and apparently, all those things are done by a brand manager.

When I got into uni, I enrolled in all classes directly related to that career option. I took up brand management, market research, advertising management, to name some. I instantly felt that this was something I can do all my life as it had the perfect balance of analytical, creative, and strategic thinking and execution – all of which I felt were all my strong suits. I wasn’t a hardcore creative artist, but I knew I had a very good eye for design. I wasn’t a genius in any scientific field, but I knew I was smart enough to understand big data, numbers, financials, etc.

I strongly believe Marketing is a field wherein both Science and Art perfectly complements each other. For one to be able to come up with effective marketing strategies, it should be backed up with loads of data and research. It entails deeply delving and understanding your consumers needs, wants, attitudes and beliefs, then eventually translating those into something profitable business-wise. This is the science part of marketing.

For the art aspect, it is the responsibility of the marketers with the help of advertising agencies to come up with highly-appealing, engaging, and creative campaign through various mediums like commercials, ads, events, etc. which are hinged on the all the research done from the “science part”.

If you’re this type of person who’s a bit of both these scientific and artsy type, then marketing is the perfect industry for you.