My Music

My passion for music started when I first watched The Sound of Music. I think I was about 5 years old back then, and I remember I kept replaying the scene where Julie Andrews and the kids were singing “Do-Re-Mi”. My mom plays the piano and I specifically asked her to teach me how to play that song, and from there, my “career” as a musician commenced.

I first dabbled with playing instruments – I played the piano for 12 years, then I felt it was too distant with the type of music I was interested in that’s why I got into playing the guitar. Then during high school, because emo was at its peak that time, I played bass for a Coheed & Cambria cover band (haha!) during the same phase of my life. And the list goes on and on.

It was a different story when I entered uni. I was into Softball and Ultimate Frisbee that time I had no time to really hone my music skillz. The least I did back then was to share playlists with a good friend back in Canada who introduced me to electropop/synthpop. He persuaded me to create my profile, deep-dive into MySpace, and all other music communities where I found staples of my band bucketlist like Miami Horror, The Twelves, and Van She. I had no idea this kind of world actually existed that’s why I got addicted to discovering really, really good music.

I admit I was one of those snobby music elitists who easily get annoyed when an indie band suddenly goes mainstream. But this has changed. It was just recently when I finally had the balls to share and write about my passion as I feel its is my own little way of helping these artists get the word out about their music. The kind of work they put in these artforms is no joke. They pour out all the #feels and give all their time to create these tracks that unfortunately, don’t reach as many people as they initially wanted.

This is actually my vision – I want to help independent musicians become more strategic business-wise through strengthened and integrated marketing and branding, with the goal to increase their fan base and convert them to loyalists.

Ooops sorry I’ve been babbling. But yes – this will be that portion in my site wherein I will be mostly sharing the new stuff I discover so that you too can enjoy what I’m listening to right now. I will be mostly writing about new album and singles releases, concerts and gigs I attend, as well as playlists I curate in Souncloud or Spotify.