Minimix 13 – Wordless

Feels like forever since I last worked on a mix. And just like that, 16% of the year is done. I’ve been preoccupied with my full time job as we’re undergoing a transition coming from a global buyout.

All I can say is that I have nothing else to say with all the rapid changes happening around me. Hence the title of this mix. I’m just happily gliding and dancing my way through ~lyf~, taking things one giddy step at a time. I’m glad I’ve got music to keep me intact and focused during office hours. The songs in this mix are just some of the stuff I’ve been listening to nonstop.

Tracks featured are as follows:

  1. The Crush: La Royale
  2. Omeo: Darius
  3. Sunsplash: Luke Million
  4. Unfinished Business: Detroit Swindle
  5. Lite Spots: Kaytranada

Minimix 05 – Twenty XX

Older, but not sure if wiser. What I know is my love for music will just keep getting stronger. Hence, this mix with all the random songs I’ve been listening to the past week while struggling with school requirements.

Tracks featured:

  1. Arnold: Luke Million
  2. Rose Quartz: Toro y Moi
  3. Say My Name (Hayden James Remix): ODESZA
  4. Sun: Kenton Slash Demon
  5. Bugatti (Nicky Night Time Remix): Tiga